Road Event Detail

Public Highway Information :

Location Area: SH 73 & 7 Christchurch to Ahaura
Location(s): 007-0224/14.70-B - 007-0255/03.64-B Stillwater to Ahaura 073-0145/00.08-B - 073-0174/07.02-B Arthur's Pass National Park to Jacksons
Impact: Caution
Event Description(s): Over Dimensional Vehicle
Event Comments: Over dimensional truck and trailer will be transporting bridge beams to the Ahaura bridge project daily from 24th November through to the 27 November. Where possible, opportunities to pass will be provided but 20 minute delays can be expected.
Alternative Route: Not applicable
Expected Resolution: 27/11/2020 00:00
Direct Line Distances: 0.55 km south of Ahaura
3.95 km south of Slaty Creek
4.31 km east of Atarau

Event Details:

Event ID: 321346
Event Type: Area Warning
Status: Active

Time Line:

Start Date: 2020-11-24 00:00:00.0
Planned: No

More Information:

Island: South Island